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To commemorate the bicentennial of the death of Mozart, Sir Georg Solti led a performance of the composer’s Requiem in D minor at Saint Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna on December 5, 1991. The performance was given as part of a mass for the dead, celebrated by Hans Hermann Kardinal Groër, then Archbishop of Vienna.

The cast for the performance of the Requiem:

Arleen Augér, soprano
Cecilia Bartoli, mezzo-soprano
Vinson Cole, tenor
René Pape, bass
Vienna Philharmonic
Vienna State Opera Concert Chorus
Peter Burian, director

The entire mass was released as a film directed by Humphrey Burton and Michael Weinmann, and the audio of the Requiem was released on compact disc, both by London Records.

The attached YouTube video is not the property of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association. We just thought it was interesting.

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