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Mrs. Frederick W. Upham and Georg Solti

On December 17, 1970, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Women’s Association hosted a reception at the Casino Club, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the incorporation of The Orchestral Association, which had taken place at the Chicago Club on December 16, 1890. (Of course, it was not possible for the event to be held at the Chicago Club since it did not allow women.)

The guests of honor were Georg and Valerie Solti, along with ninety-five-year-old Helen Hall (Mrs. Frederick W.) Upham. Mrs. Upham—who had occupied the same Friday seats virtually since Orchestra Hall opened its doors in December 1904—had founded the Women’s Association in 1934. She was to serve as the honorary chairperson for the 80th anniversary ball in the spring, and was also honored with a a citation of “special honor and recognition” presented by Louis C. Sudler, then president of The Orchestral Association.

Louis Sudler, Women’s Association President Caroline (Mrs. Paul W.) Oliver, and Valerie and Georg Solti

Press coverage of the Casino Club event is here.

Also, there are a few great images of a young Mrs. Upham (courtesy of the Library of Congress’s American Memory project) here.

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