Margaret Hillis - 1979

Over the last several years, we have gradually been cataloging the collection of Margaret Hillis, founder and longtime director of the Chicago Symphony Chorus. The collection documents her life and career as a conductor, chorus director, as well as her role as one of the founders of the American Choral Foundation (which became Chorus America), and contains marked scores and orchestral parts (more than 1,000 titles), correspondence, contracts, performance files (including her famous study charts), and artifacts (including her nine Grammy statuettes).

Also in the collection are several personal items. And just in time for the holidays, we found her recipe for “festive sweet potato pudding” . . . in her own words:

“This recipe evolved from a not-very-good one my mother used to make. (It was not very good because she was a teetotaler.) If I am invited out for Thanksgiving dinner, I often take enough with me to serve all present. It is also served at Christmas or Easter, or sometimes on New Year’s Day.”

The complete recipe is below. Happy holidays!

Hillis recipe