György Stern was born in Budapest, Hungary, on October 21, 1912.

Near the end of his Memoirs—completed when he was eighty-four—Solti wrote:

“I have had an enormously lucky life. I have said many times, and believe more every day, that I have a guardian angel who guides me and protects me. Looking back, there have been disappointments and unachieved ambitions, but all in all, I have had a wonderful time.

“I have no intention of slowing down: pacing myself, yes, but slowing down, no. I am grateful that I am still able to work because I believe that I am continuing to develop as a musician, and that I still have much to give. . . .

“My life is the clearest proof that if you have talent, determination, and luck, you will make it in the end. My motto is ‘Never Give Up.'”

For your abundant gifts of music, thank you, Sir Georg.