On July 25 we celebrate the 90th birthday of a legend, our very own Adolph “Bud” Herseth.

He was hired by our fourth music director Artur Rodzinski in the spring of 1948 and served as principal trumpet under five music directors: Rafael Kubelík, Fritz Reiner, Jean Martinon, Sir Georg Solti, and Daniel Barenboim (Rodzinski was fired before Bud’s first concert). After more than fifty years (he loves to say that he got a great job, but never got a promotion), Bud relinquished his chair in 2001, even though he continued to play as principal trumpet emeritus until 2004.

A few years ago when the old tour trunks were being replaced, the stagehands asked if I wanted any for the collection. I only asked for one.

The choice was obvious.